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Trudeau Biden Furey foto©Jean-Marc Carisse 2023
Biden (ctr), Elizabeth May, Trudeau ©J.M.Carisse 2023

US President Biden smiles after he accepted a chocolate bar labelled "PEACE" from MP Elizabeth May (left) as PM Trudeau grins alongside. photo © Jean-Marc.Carisse 2023

Convoy Protest, photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 2022 0203
ChrétienMulroneyRaybould ©Carisse'17

Former Prime Ministers Jean Chrétien and Brian Mulroney share a laugh with MPs Marco Mendicino and Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould during a break at a Gala for Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin. Smartphone Photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 2017

TrudeauLittleSinatra, ©JMCarisse'82

PM Pierre Trudeau, Rich Little & Frank Sinatra, photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 1982

CJ Bev. McLachlin, ©J.M.Carisse2017

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin reads a document in her Supreme Court office, photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 2017

Paul Martin, ©Jean-Marc Carisse 1990

Paul Martin, Calgary Convention, photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 1990

Macron,Emmanuel, ©J.M.Carisse2018

French President Emmanuel Macron, photo ©Jean-Marc Carisse 2018, Ottawa, Canada.

Mother Teresa ©Jean-Marc Carisse1988

Mother Teresa, photo ©Jean-Marc Carisse 1988, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada



HUMAN RIGHTS, HUMAN WRONGS' exhibit in Toronto, photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 2013

RCMP Funeral ©Jean-Marc Carisse 2007

RCMP Funeral, photo©Jean-Marc Carisse 2007, Ottawa, Canada

Montreal Canadiens, ©J.M.Carisse1996

Montreal Canadiens, 5 All Stars, photo ©Jean-Marc Carisse 1996 0316, L-R: Guy Lafleur, Jean Béliveau, Maurice Richard, Steve Shutt, Henri Richard await their introduction during opening ceremony of the new Molson (now Bell) Centre.

Maurice Richard, © J.M.Carisse 1996

Maurice Richard, Montreal Canadiens' hockey great known as the Rocket, is introduced during the opening ceremony at the new Molson (now Bell) Centre in Montreal, photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 1996

GW Bush, Archives, ©J.M.Carisse 2004

Mrs Bush & US President G.W. Bush view Karsh's portrait of Bush Sr, at Library and Archives Canada, photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 2004, Gatineau, Canada


PM Jean Chrétien reads a document while awaiting a visitor - photo_©__Jean-Marc_Carisse_1994

Clinton, Chrétien, ©J.M.Carisse 2005

President Bill Clinton & PM Jean Chrétien, at Canal Ritz in Ottawa, photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 1995

L.Harper,MaggieTrudeau ©Carisse2007

Laureen Harper & Margaret Trudeau, former First Ladies, photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 2007


PM Brian Mulroney & wife Mila welcome Russian President Gorbachev at the National Gallery of Canada, photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 1990


Yoga at noon on Parliament Hill in Ottawa photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2016

Chrétien DMZone ©J.M.Carisse 1997

Mrs Chrétien and Prime Minister Chrétien walk by a North Korean guard in the DMZ zone between countries. Photo ©Jean-Marc Carisse 1997

J.Trudeau,K.Telford ©J.M.Carisse2015

PM Justin Trudeau and strategist Katie Telford celebrate election win, photo© Jean-Marc Carisse 2015





McLachlin, Trudeau, photo Jean-Marc Carisse 2017_5191cr

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin welcomes PM Justin Trudeau to the VIP reception prior to the Gala in her honour. photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2017

Moshe Safdie, photo Jean-Marc Carisse 1988 0520A28

Moshe Safdie, photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1988




BeachBoys' Brian Wilson poses for Peter Waiser, photo© Jean-Marc Carisse 2008










The Aga Khan and GG Johnston tease one another during the unveilling ceremony of the Global Centre For Pluralism in 2017 photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2017


After being diagnosed with ALS, MP Mauril Bélanger, right, observes the warm sympathetic hug between his wife Catherine and PM Justin Trudeau in December 2015. photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse

World leaders march at Peacemakers' Summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1996

PM Justin Trudeau & President Obama - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2016


New York summer in the city, photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1983

PM Chrétien welcomes troops back, Québec - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1995

PM Chrétien scores a goal - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1999

PM Jean Chrétien walks home to 24 Sussex - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1999

PM Jean Chrétien, NO SEPARATION Rally - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1995

PM Jean Chrétien in Shawinigan pool hall - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1995

CTV's Craig Oliver, 2015 Election night - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2015

PM Jean Chrétien & Paul Martin, Lake Harrington - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2000

Justin Trudeau campaigns at sunset - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2015

PM Jean Chrétien in limousine - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1998

PM Jean Chrétien in Centre Block office - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2000

Jean and Aline Chrétien at the Great Wall of China - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1994

Chrétien signs poster on guest's head following unveiling of official portrait - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2010

Chrétien plays basketball in Montreal alley - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1999

Sheldon Kennedy looking at an exhibit about sexual abuse in sports photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2016

Chrétien & Fidel Castro ride in Presidential Zil limo, in Havana - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1998

Chrétien & bodyguards runs up Parliament steps - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2000

Dalai Lama & MPs - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1990

Trudeau, Justin - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2001

Eugene Levy - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2008

Jean Chrétien and look-a-like dummy - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1997

US President Bill Clinton and PM Jean Chrétien climb wall during G8 escape - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1998

President Barrack Obama Inauguration Speech - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2009

Twin Towers, New York City - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1982-3

Karsh looks at his portrait of Martin Luther King - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse

The Aga Khan observes the official portrait of PM Jean Chretien - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2016

Trudeau & Obama - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2016

Barbara Ann Scott-King - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2012

Cirque du Soleil performers - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1990

Trudeau state funeral, PM Chrétien comforts Justin Trudeau, as Margaret Trudeau & Alexandre Trudeau look on - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2000

Trudeau,J.,Funeral ©J.M.Carisse 2000

Justin Trudeau, at father Pierre Trudeau's funeral, delivers eulogy, ending with an emotional "Je t'aime Papa." photo© Jean-Marc Carisse 2000

TrudeauFuneral photo©J.M.Carisse2000

Justin Trudeau bids farewell to his late father Pierre Trudeau, as his mother Margaret Trudeau, the Aga Khan, Fidel Castro, Jimmy Carter and Leonard Cohen, among many, look on, photo© Jean-Marc Carisse 2000

Queen Elizabeth II and Yousuf Karsh share a laugh (with Estralita Karsh) - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1998

President Nelson Mandela and young admirer - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2001

PM Tony Blair and PM Jean Chrétien view Churchill portrait by Karsh - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2001

PM Pierre Trudeau / Lake Harrington (Qué) - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1983

PM Pierre Trudeau & sons, Justin and Sasha - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1977 Remembrance Day

PM Pierre Trudeau, with 3 sons, jokes with Joe Clark's daughter Catherine - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1981

Chrétien & advisors prepare for TV debate - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1997

PM Pierre Trudeau addresses convention - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1978

Thomas Mulcair, NDP Leader, holds a press scrum following the shooting on Parliament Hill - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2014

Veteran receives flowers in Moscow's Red Square - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1995

The Great One, Oilers' Gretzky vs Islanders' Diduck - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1986

Nelson Mandela signs guestbook with PM Brian Mulroney and Joe Clark - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1990

Mother Teresa & patient Father Fortin, photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 1988

Chretien walks with Aushwitz survivor Mordicai Ronen who shouts "I AM ALIVE!" - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1999

Patricia Carisse reading with son Marc - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1992

Lloyd Robertson of CTV - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2005

Leaders Helmut Kohl, Jean Chrétien and Bill Clinton grab lunch at a summit in Spain - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1997

Justin Trudeau punches Senator Brazeau during fundraising boxing match - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2012

Justin Trudeau and son Xavier, following MP swearing-in ceremony, photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 2008

Jean Chrétien speaks at the inauguration of his Shawinigan Museum, "Canada in the World" - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2012

PM Stephen Harper performs with Yo-Yo Ma - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2009

Former PM Jean Chrétien examines sculpture by Joe Fafard - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2008

GG Jeanne Sauvé & PM Brian Mulroney at Press Gallery Dinner - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1986

Stephen Harper - © photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2005

Trudeau welcomes Queen Elizabeth to 24 Sussex - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1982

Coffee-treat - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2014

arisse 2010

Carlos Santana, in a brief prayer, photo© Jean-Marc Carisse 2010

Bullfight in Mexico - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1989

Leaders' Debate - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2011

Fumeuse, Rue St. Louis, Québec - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1990

Dancing to the beat in Africa - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1999

Young choir rehearses in NYC - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1979

Chorale Les2Rives - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2010

Easter Parade in NYC - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1979

Queen Elizabeth II receives bouquet - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2010

PM Pierre Trudeau awarded the Einstein Peace Prize in Washington - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1984

Bobby Orr receives Order of Canada from GG Schreyer - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1979

Bill Cunningham, N.Y. Times Fashion Photographer, NYC - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2013

PM Brian Mulroney in a press scrum, Parliament - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1990

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2011

British bar - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1990s

Karlheinz Schreiber is transferred in handcuffs on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, photo© Jean-Marc Carisse 2007

Justin Trudeau & Caroline Matte pose for Marlene Floyd as baby daughter Maëlle observes - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2012

Boy and pet monkey in India - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1996

The Beauty and The Beast, in Rio - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1986

Rio couple on beach - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1986

Quebec couple embrace - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1979

Rick Mercer - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2010

PM Jean Chrétien, Canada Day - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2000

U.S. President Barack Obama - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2009

Mother Teresa - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1988

Lorne Greene - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1983

John Turner & campaign signs - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1984

Jean Chrétien observes sunset over Lake Harrington - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1998

Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2000

Genie Award & winner Kristin Booth - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2009

President Fidel Castro, in Cuba - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1998

PM Jean Chrétien & Pope John Paul II - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1998

Chretien & Mary Tyler Moore - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1999

Jean Chrétien, Opposition leader, at the podium - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1990

Chrétien & Eddie Adams, Pullitzer Prize winner - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1993

Barbara Ann Scott-King, 1948 Olympic gold winner - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2012

Alex Colville on his scooter - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2008

Gen. Roméo Dallaire - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2004

US President Gerald Ford - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1983

U.S. President Ronald Reagan & JohnTurner - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1987

Trudeau & 1968 posters - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse

Russian President Boris Yeltsin & PM Brian Mulroney - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1992

PM Pierre Trudeau addresses Federal-Provincial Conference - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1979

René Lévesque addresses Constitutional Conference - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1980

PM Pierre Trudeau with sons (l-r): Alexandre, Michel, Justin - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1981

PM Pierre Trudeau & sons, Remembrance Day - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1978

PM Jean Chrétien and wife Aline attend ceremony in Russia - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1997

Queen Elizabeth II receives bouquet - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2010

P.M. Pierre Elliott Trudeau - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1978

G.G. Ed Schreyer & Mrs. Schreyer - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1979

Three Liberal Prime Ministers-, John Turner, Pierre Trudeau & Jean Chrétien - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1985

President Jacques Chirac charms PM Jean Chrétien's wife Aline - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1999

Pierre Elliott Trudeau receives the Order of Canada from GG Jeanne Sauvé, photo © Jean-Marc Carisse 1985

US President Bill Clinton, with cigar, on the golf course - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse

PM Jean Chrétien & President Bill Clinton aboard ferry-boat - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1993

Michael Ignatieff & President Obama - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2009

GG Ed Shreyer & Gina Lolobrigida - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1982 Italian Film Festival

Chretien campaigns in New Brunswick as young boy looks on - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1991

Arrest on Madison Ave, NYC - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1970s

President Nelson Mandela & PM Jean Chrétien - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1998

Former PM Jean Chretien receives 80th birthday cake from Mark Critch as Peter Mansbridge provides a fire extinguisher, on CBC's THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2014

John Kenneth Galbraith - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1987

A peacock previews the installation of my photo exhibit in Havana photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2005

US President George W Bush & Wolfgang Shook Wimmer - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2007

Laureen Harper & Margaret Trudeau - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2007

Mourners at Moscow cemetery - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1996

PM Jean Chrétien & saxophonist in Spain, ...playing, "Summertime and the livin' is easy..." - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1998

Rio women on Copacabana Beach shore - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1986

President Nelson Mandela & PM Jean Chrétien observe Churchill portrait by Karsh - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1998

Liberal Leader John Turner resigns - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1990

Joe Fafard - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2008

Pope John Paul II & PM Jean Chrétien - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1996

PM Jean Chrétien & Bruce Hartley (left) await visitor - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2000

Princess Diana & Prince Charles - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1983

PM Stephen Harper & ex-PM Jean Chrétien before latter's portrait unveiling - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2010

PM Pierre Trudeau, Frank Sinatra & Rich Little - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_1982

Justin Trudeau & Sophie Grégoire celebrate Leadership victory - photo_©_Jean-Marc_Carisse_2013

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